• Start Date 2023-12-09
  • End Date 2023-12-09
  • Points 500
  • Chief Judge Lidia Bomirska


A unique, magical sports competition, only in Poland; only in Stare Babice, We cordially invite you!  

The tournament includes singles competitions.

Participation is limited to 40 participants. The date of registration counts!

Competition mode: according to the rules of the ICO with a modification - the game is against the clock (each match up to 2 sets won, each set takes 4 minutes).

Program: Confirmation of participation: 12.00-14.30

Painting: 14:00-15: 00

Beginning: 15.00

15: 00-18.30 group stage (4-minute for set, up to 2 sets won)

18.30 - 21.00- semi-finals and finals.

More details:

We encourage you to register as soon as possible12