• Start Date 2019-07-05
  • End Date 2019-07-06
  • Points 2000
  • Chief Judge Gyula Kozári

5th World Championships 2019

General informations

Venue: Tüskecsarnok (Spike Hall) – Budapest, Hungary

Surface: Indoor sport hall – indoor shoes required










 Additional informations:



 Additional information about the 5th ICO Crossminton World Championships

- Free of charge parking is available in the underground garage of the Spike Hall (access is on the attached picture, maximum capacity is 200 cars)
- Registration at the Spike Hall is between 17:00-19:00 on 03 July, and between 08:00-11:00 on 04 July
- We provide drinking water and fruits, please bring your own flask (water-bottle) to fill up at the designated water fountains
- There is a cafeteria inside the Spike Hall where you can buy sandwiches, coffee, beverages and snacks
- Opening Ceremony is at 09:00 on 04 July, your presence will be highly appreciated!
- During the registration everybody receives an identity card on a lanyard which has a QR-code 
- on it – use this code to be updated about the latest news of the World Championships


- Please adhere to the following additional regulations during the 5th ICO Crossminton World Championships:
- - All players must be at their respective court 10 minutes before their match is scheduled!
- - If a player is late, the waiting time (grace period) is 2 minutes
- - During the waiting time the missing player is called on the loudspeaker system, if despite this warning the missing player doesn’t show up at the respective court the opponent wins the match without play 16:0, 16:0. If both players fail to be present at their court on time, their match is cancelled with a registered loss of 0:16, 0:16 for both players.
- - There is a 3 minute warm-up period before each match.
- - Up to the semifinals, the losing side shall count the score and be the referee of the next match.
- - All players must wear their names and nationality on their jersey, those who brake this rule will be disqualified and their opponent wins the match 16:0, 16:0.
- - Challenges and objections must be submitted in a written, signed form, addressed to the Competition Committee who adjudicates it within 8 hours.

- In the Spike Hall we will provide free wifi access, details (wifi network, password) will be posted across the Spike Hall
- Livestream will be provided using two cameras at this link:


- We invited a sport masseur who can provide sport massage and taping at a fair price in the Spike Hall, pre-registration is needed for a session
- In the main lobby of the Spike Hall we provide crossminton racket stringing service
- At the Speedminton booth you can purchase Speedminton products at discounted price during the tournament
- Changing rooms will be provided but the organizers cannot take any responsibility for lost personal items, please take good care of your valuables!
- The organizers will gladly direct you to nearby shops and grocery stores, if needed
- About public transport to the Spike Hall you can find all information at the following link:
- If you would encounter any problem or accident in the city, call or text us and we will help you!

We all wish you a pleasant stay and a great tournament in Budapest!


Registration and announcement