• Start Date 2018-03-10
  • End Date 2018-03-10
  • Points 250
  • Chief Judge Lidia Bomirska



10.03.2018, Brzeszcze


Amazing emotions at the tournament ICO-250point in Brzeszcze


Brzeszcze   Petr  MAKRLÍK and Klára JANÁČKOVÁ (from the Czech Republic) grabbed the titles of the Open and Female categories at the 250points   ICO tournament  that took place last weekend in Brzeszcze.



The 250p-ICO Crossminton STARS Brzeszcze 2018 took place at sports hall with 6 crossminton courts. Additionally, a second hall with 2 courts was used for games in junior categories.


For the first time at the ICO-250point tournament there was video streaming (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dlsQjWAMR0 )  and live results were simply available from smartphones (http://crosstour.azurewebsites.net/Home/TournamentInfo?tournamentId=43)    


The hosts of the tournament prepared a great catering for players (coffee and cookies, lunch and drinks) and took care of the excellent organization of the competition.  


Over 80 participants from 5 countries fought for medals in 10 age categories and as usual in Brzeszcze, a large group of juniors appeared in the tournament.  


Traditionally, the tournament began with a competition in dual games.

The game was joined by a total of 24 pairs - 11 in the Double Open category and 13 in the Double Mixed category.


After finishing the doubles games players fought for medals in singles categories.

Juniors competed in the categories U12Mixed, U14Mixed and U18Male, while adults playing categories: Open, Female, Female40 + + Male40 and Male50 +.


The second international tournament played this year in Poland is behind us. On behalf of the organizers, we would like to thank you for participating and we invite you to the next games. The nearest, also of international rank as part of the ICO cycle will be held in Poland on May 5 in Gorlice.


All tournament results available at:



Below we present the winners of all categories.


U18 Male: 1. Kacper Bezak(POL); 2. Tino Matej Kaligari(CRO); 3. Aleksander Łyko(POL); 3. Mateusz Rybak(POL)

U14 Mixed: 1. Adrian Jancunski(LTU) ; 2. Mateusz Faska(POL); 3. Emilia Czepiec (POL); 3. Marko Piskura(SVK)

U12 Mixed: 1. Branislav Bujnacek(SVK) ; 2. Kamil Jancunski (LTU); 3. Viliam Kopilec(SVK); 3. Anna Wachowicz(POL)   

Female: 1. Janackova Klara (CZE);2. Lukacova Tamara (SVK); 3. Lewandowska Dorota (POL); 3. Miskulin Nika (CRO)

Female40+: 1. 1. Beata Jagiełło(POL); 2. Tatiana Zrnic(CRO); 3. Lidia Bomirska(POL; 3. Joanna Kowalczyk(POL);

OPEN: 1. Makrlik Petr (CZE); 2. Knoflicek Daniel (CZE); 3. Pjecha Vladimir (SVK); 3. Knapczyk Mateusz(POL)

Male40+: 1.Chmielewski Grzegorz (POL); 2. Podvolecky Pavel (CZE); 3. Sawicki Mariusz (POL);

3. Czeremużyński Jacek (POL)

Male50+: 1. 1. Paweł Łęski(POL); 2. Piotr Gawlak(POL); 3. Jerzy Knot(POL); 3. Tomislaw Matkovic(CRO)



We also invite you to watch selected games on video prepared by Vladimir Pjecha:  


1) 2018-Brzeszcze ICO-250point /OPEN - 2nd set/ MAKRLÍK Petr (CZE) - PJECHA Vladimír (SVK)



2) 2018-Brzeszcze ICO-250point /OPEN  /  WOLCZYK Adrian(POL) - PUSKAS Jozef (SVK)



3) 2018-Brzeszcze ICO-250point /Female/WINCENCIAK Zofia (POL) - LEVKOVÁ Lenka (SVK)



4) 2018-Brzeszcze ICO-250point /Female FINAL / JANÁČKOVÁ Klára(CZE) - LUKACOVA Tamara(SVK)



5) 2018-Brzeszcze ICO-250point /M40+ / CZEREMUZYNSKI Jacek(POL) - CWIAKALA Dariusz(POL)



6) 2018-Brzeszcze ICO-250point/ Final M40+ /CHMIELEWSKI Grzegorz (POL) - PODVOLECKÝ Pavel (CZE)



7) 2018-Brzeszcze ICO-250point/Final U18 male/ BEZAK Kacper(POL) - KALIGARI Matej(CRO)



8) 2018-Brzeszcze ICO-250point/Final U18 male/ MAKRLÍK Petr(CZE) - Puskas Jozef(SVK)



9) 2018-Brzeszcze ICO-250point/Final U18 male/ PJECHA Vladimír (SVK) - WILKOSZ Wojciech(POL)




Winners - Hall of fame :)