• Start Date 2022-12-17
  • End Date 2022-12-17
  • Points 500
  • Chief Judge

Ośrodek Kultury w Brzeszczach

Crossminton.pl, Speed Club Brzeszcze

International Crossminton Organization(ICO); Polska Federacja Crossmintona(PFC);

Supported by
Speedminton.pl, Speedminton Polska/ Libo Koncept,

Venue Sport hall Brzeszcze
ul. Ofiar Oświęcimia 49
32-620 Brzeszcze

Saturday, December 17, 2022.

Confirmation of participation: 8.00-9.00
9: 00-18.00 - group stage, semi-finals and finals

Draft & Time schedule:
Direct link, available from 14/12/2022 : http://crosstour.azurewebsites.net/

Speeder® from Speedminton®

6 crossminton courts


Divisions: According to the rules ICO:
OPEN singles /all gender mixed/,
Male singles: O40, O50, O60, O70
Female singles, Female singles: O40, O50, O60, O70
Female singles juniors: U18, U16, U14, U12
Male singles juniors: U18, U16, U14, U12

All adult and junior division will be played if 4 participants have signed in. When there are fewer players in a given category, participants will be automatically moved to another, higher category.
If participants have to play a higher division, they will be seeded after their ranking in the higher division.

Competition mode According to the rules of the ICO - each match up to 2 sets won.

requirements: We invite everyone interested. Limit - 80 players.
Participants can only play in one of the mentioned single Divisions and in one double Division.

Registration & further
information: Registry deadline until December 12, 2022 - hours. 24:00;
in the ICO registration system: www.https://ico.tournamentsoftware.com/

Entry fee:
60 PLN adults;
50 PLN juniors U18+U14 +U12
10 PLN doubles (per person)
The fee includes: 2,50€ per player for the ICO, mineral water, a snack
The tournament fee should be paid in the competition office before the start of the tournament!

Rules and standards of the ICO 2020 for crossminton are effective.
Rules can be downloaded on http://crossminton.org/

- Max. points for the official ICO ranking -500 points for juniors, 100 points for seniors
- medals, cups,
- certificates


Beata Jagiełło; tel.: +48 785 708 558
mail: hala.sportowa@ok.brzeszcze.pl

Head umpires:
Lidia Bomirska mail: lidia.bomirska@wp.pl
Assistants: Sebastian Madej

The organisers and the ICO reserve the right to change these regulations and the play mode if necessary. With the registration the participants accept the conditions of this announcement.
By registration players release personal video- and photo rights to the organizer,
contract partners and the main organisations.
The schedule and / or the times given in tournaments are only to be understood as an orientation.
The organizers are not responsible for lost items, left in locker rooms and in sports hall.

Insurance shall be arranged individually by each player. Minors should have the permission of a parent (guardian) to participate in the competition.

Brzeszcze, Decemberber 2022